Git-synchronizer is an application meant to synchronize git repositories with eachother. It can synchronize the main repository with one or more mirror repositories.

Git-synchronizer fetches all branches and tags from the main repository and pushes them to the mirror repositories.

Git-synchronizer is optimized to work in a cron job. Main and mirror repos are set using a config file. Git-synchronizer supports fetching and pushing multiple repositories at once.


usage: git-synchronizer [-h] --clone-dir CLONE_DIR --config CONFIG
                        [--threads THREADS]

Named Arguments

--clone-dir Where repositories should be cloned on the local machine.
--config The tab delimited configuration file. In the form: main_git_url<tab>mirror_git_url1<tab>mirror_git_url2 etc. Number of mirror_git_urls should be at least 1.

The number of git operations which will be performed at the same time.

Default: 1

Example config file